BGE Offers New Budget Billing Plan Options to Help Customers with High Bills in Response to Significant Increases in Energy Usage Resulting from Consecutive Weeks of Extremely Cold Temperatures

BGE is offering customers immediate enrollment into its Budget Billing program, which spreads payments out over a 12 month period and reduces seasonal increases in energy usage. Customers can also find tips on saving energy and money at and

BALTIMORE, (Jan. 28, 2014) – As another wave of frigid temperatures impacts central Maryland this week, BGE is providing enhanced billing options to help customers with current and future energy bills, in response to a significant increase in customer usage. According to the WSI Weather Service, this winter has been 11 percent colder than last winter to date, and as a result customer energy usage has increased, on average, by 10 percent in the month of January alone, compared to last year. Starting Jan. 29, customers may contact BGE to discuss their Budget Billing and other special payment options.

“To assist customers with high winter heating bills, we are offering customers immediate enrollment into our Budget Billing program, which spreads payments out over a 12 month period so customers aren’t as affected by seasonal increases in usage,” said Carol Dodson, vice president and chief customer officer for BGE. “Typically, the enrollment process takes a full billing cycle. Customers who wish to enroll in Budget Billing should call BGE at 800.685.0123 and we will incorporate their current winter bills, thus spreading
out their utility costs over a full-year average. ”

In direct response to spikes in customer usage from extreme temperatures, BGE is now offering customers an opportunity to enroll in a retroactive Budget Billing program to assist customers with higher-than-normal energy bills. For customers who have up to $500 in arrearages, the company is allowing those customers to enroll in the new retroactive Budget Billing program as well to help alleviate the increase from the current colder-than-normal winter season.

Customers who may have more than $500 in arrearages are encouraged to call BGE to discuss their payment options as well. Limited income customers are strongly encouraged to apply for energy assistance before they are in crisis. For more information, call BGE or contact the Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP) at 800.352.1446. Residents of Baltimore City should call 410.396.5555. Grants can help address past-due amounts as well as future payments. Learn more at

Get more info on this and see energy saving tips here.

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