We need your help!

The Lauraville Improvement Association has some great opportunities available for neighbors to get involved with. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and neighbors and work on issues that directly affect your family and our community. If you have ideas for new programs or changes you’d recommend for how the association operates–here is the way to turn those ideas into reality.

Here’s where we need help:

  • Editing and managing the Lauraville News neighborhood newsletter–if you enjoy writing or graphic design this would be perfect for you!
  • Managing the LIA facebook page and website

We also have the following Board members positions open:

  • Vice President (coordinates monthly meetings, supports committee chairs, represents association at community meetings under the President’s guidance)
  • Secretary (drafts correspondence on behalf of the association, invites speakers for meetings, drafts and updates minutes for the association)
  • Communications Committee Chair (oversees newsletter, website, and social platforms for the association, maintains association’s branding materials, develops and executes ideas for events that promote community, helps support the association’s presence at the Lauraville fair)
  • Housing & Community Issues Chair (serves as a point  of contact for community concerns, communicates issues with local authorities and legislators for handling, helps educate community members on policies and procedures, attends zoning hearings and other meetings)
  • Public Safety Chair (serves as liaison with north east police department, educates community on crime prevention, maintains tracking system for community complaints, helps organize safety walks, supports COP coordinator)

Interested in any of these positions? 

  • Contact any current board members, listed here
  • Voting will take place during the May 13th meeting.
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