Historic Lauraville

Lauraville is situated in the once heavily wooded, hilly Herring Run Valley, home to colonial era iron furnaces and later water-powered mills and merchant estates. This area stands on the fall line between higher Piedmont and lower coastal flatland, geological conditions for falling water that powered early Colonial and later Maryland industry.  The area later included farmland for truck farmers who “trucked” their wares to markets in City.  Harford Road was once Darley Path and a toll road that followed a Native American hunting trail.  Cross road towns, including Lauraville, emerged around the farms near Harford Road.

Lauraville Gospel Hall trip from Grindon

Lauraville Gospel Hall Trip (Source: Private Collection)

The town of Lauraville originally referred to many of what are now different Northeast Baltimore neighborhoods, based on the Harford Road post office named for an early settler’s daughter Laura.  The Lauraville community was part of Baltimore County until the City annexed it in 1918.

Many historic resources are available for those interested in learning more about Lauraville.  We invite you to explore the below links to learn more about Lauraville’s history.  Stay tuned for continued updates as progress is made on historic projects and research!

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