Lauraville Walking Tours

The Lauraville Walking Tours are a production of the Lauraville Heritage Project.  These tours were designed to highlight our rich history and educate current and future residents of our community.  New walking tours will be posted as they become available.

Lauraville has a rich and fascinating history, the source of pride and enthusiasm for our diverse community.  In 2013, with the 100th anniversary of the founding of Montebello Park, the Lauraville Heritage Project was conceived with the goals of recording and sharing Lauraville oral history, articles and artifacts, educating the community, and encouraging local heritage tours and participation.  The Lauraville Heritage Project is a cooperative effort between Lauraville residents Christine Muldowney and Mary Etta Mills.   Ms. Mills is the Lauraville Improvement Association’s historian, representing the community and writing for the LIA newsletter.  Ms. Muldowney serves as the principal researcher, oral history collector, and liaison to area historians and enthusiasts.  In 2014, the Lauraville Heritage Project became sponsored by the Northeast History Roundtable.

Come walk with us and win a prize! For a free cup of coffee, show your photo of one of the following two landmarks to the good folks at Zeke’s Coffee.  On the Montebello Walking Tour A, take a picture of the Medal of Honor winner grave marker.  On the Montebello Park Walking Tour B, take a picture of the former home of All-American and professional football player, Jack Scarbath.

Montebello Park Walking Tour, Part A

Montebello Park Walking Tour, Part B


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